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Our Capabilities

  • Safe Wing Medical Transportation has been serving the community for almost 10 years, operating continuously as ongoing concern and thriving since 2005. We work with health professionals and facilities as an instrumental player of the managed care field by enabling members to receive their medical care, counseling, and participate in activities
  • Mercy Care: Safe Wing is under contract by Mercy Maricopa for Behavioral Health, as well Mercy Care Plan for medical
  • AHCCCS: Safe Wing has been one of few companies that passed AHCCCS extensive evaluation
  • Safe Wing has additional contracts with Native American Tribal community medical center
  • Our company is entrusted by a large number of clinics, PNO’s, rehab, worker compensation and medical facilities
  • Many of these facilities use Safe Wing as the default medical transportation company, including People of Color, Southwest Network, Partners in Recovery, Community Medical Services, and Center of Behavioral Health among many
  • We provide transportation to members with behavioral and medical needs in Maricopa and all Arizona counties, and neighboring states
  • Members and participants request our services by name over many competing providers due to improved services and the rapport our drivers and dispatchers have with members and clients
  • We have made significant investment in Safe Wing fleet and company owned maintenance shop
  • Dispatching, management, office personnel, and business processes are enhanced
  • Telephone system is manned or transferred to live dispatcher 24/7
  • Our Drivers and personnel have extended experience in this service, and are particularly trained on safety, operating procedure and policy, customer service, confidentiality, and incident reporting
  • Personnel undergo thorough background check, drug test and driving record evaluation at beginning of employment and frequent random testing
  • Safety, CPR, and first Aid training is a must at Safe Wing (it is part of our name and vision)
  • We provide several hundred trips a day using our large and well-maintained fleet of vans, sedans and wheelchair
  • New web based trip request system is being implemented with powerful capabilities to automate and simply requests, enable immediate acknowledgement and feedback, documentation, and many more proficiencies
  • This new online system usage is intuitive and self-explanatory, and additional training of its fine features and attributes will be provided by Safe Wing at the client location


The management team and Owners of Safe Wing come with extensive professional experience and technical background, and particularly years of field tested and hardened experience in medical transportation.


Safe Wing is entrusted with significant contracts from major health providers, AHCCCS, and insurance companies. We manage these contracts by providing complete applications, required periodic updates, and documentation. We only persevere and honor the letter and legal obligations of the contract, but work tirelessly to perform and exceed the spirit of the contracts toward clinics and PNO’s, as well as participants.


Safe Wing business, assets, fleet, shop, and office are fully covered by insurance, without a single lapse since Safe Wing has been in business. We provide insurance certificates and general endorsements to our customers and vendors upon renewals and other changes, such that the customers always have the current and valid insurance accord.

  • $3,000,000 General Liability Aggregate
  • $2,000,000 Professional Liability Aggregate
  • $1,000,000 Auto Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation


All employees undergo training as they start and throughout their employment at Safe Wing. Employee Manual is documented and signed on by employee, including code of conduct, confidentiality, operating procedures and policies. All employees undertake and pass:

  • Background Check
  • Drug Test
  • Driving Record
  • CPR Training
  • First AidTraining
  • HIPPATraining

Confidentiality Policy

Safe Wing as governed by contracts takes confidentiality very seriously and safeguard member and participant information. As we are entrusted and obligated to protect vital personal information we train our employees and strive to keep records in safe locations, password-protected files, and shred records that are not need. We only provide information that our employees need to perform their function to only those who need to know. Employees are instructed to:

  • Keep member and client information confidential (such as vital info, address, etc…)
  • Keep confidential and never discuss or speculate member’s medical circumstance or condition
  • Keep professional relationship with members only and avoid any personal relationship none whatsoever
  • Not to share any personal information with colleague employee who does not need to know